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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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No it's not. You've tried, and many others have tried, but your points don't stand up to the evidence.
The "evidence": when taking off for the Narada, Pike's shuttle swoops over the lip of the stern. It stretches between the "C-17" on the back. If you assume the shuttle is between 3.5m-4m across, you get the width of the shuttle bay door is between 15-20m across. Scaling everything else gives a ship length of between 300-400m, and height of about 60-70m.

So, the ONLY "evidence" that the ship is some ludicrous 750m is the ONE scene of shuttles landing in a ginormous shuttle bay -- something which is never seen again in the whole movie.

Verdict: ship is between 300-400m long.

As Scotty would say: up your shaft.
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