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To me, Spock yelling it seems like it would be one of the most emotionally poignant parts of the movie. It doesn't deserve comparison to the cheesy version, even if the writers invited it. There's far more gravitas this time. It's sincere. It conveys true pain and loathing.
The problem is that there's no real gravitas to the scene at all. The whole thing comes off as either bad fanfic or a parody IMO, and there's just not the same level of attachment to the characters. It's undercut further by the blatently telegraphed cheat out of the situation.

I rewatched WoK a few days ago and, even having seen it many times, Spock's demise still got to me. This scene just made me want to laugh all the way through out of the sheer audacious ridiculousness of it all.
I just rewatched SFS and TWOK recently (in that order, so as to feel like I was going somewhere) and Spock's death does still work for me too. Probably better than it did when there was such hype and baggage attached to it. And you know what really shows me how right they got it the first time? It is what I call being Python-proof.

If you watch LIFE OF BRIAN and then see LAST TEMPTATION, you find yourself laughing at 'blessed are the ... ' because you're thinking 'cheesemakers' not 'peacemakers.' Certain bit of knowledge or spin can ruin a movie moment forever.

By way of comparison, when I first read about the idea of Spock bleeding green on the glass at the end of TWOK and why it wasn't used, it made me think I'd never be able to see the scene again without howling with laughter. But it doesn't take me out of the scene, which means it must be pretty damn near bulletproof.

(in case you didn't know, they were really concerned about green blood on his hand on the glass might be corny, and everybody was tense about doing the scene anyway. So they're ready, and Nimoy has the glove off so the green blood can be applied ... and up comes the makeup guy. PLOOMF! He uses a PANCAKE of makeup on Nimoy, leaving his entire hand green, then walks off. Obviously didn't get it, and at that point they abandoned the idea. And Nimoy points out that the guy had been working THE INCREDIBLE HULK for years, so you can kind of understand his goof. But when you freeze frame on Spock w/ his hand on the glass, the story makes you picture a photoshop job with a trickle of green - which WOULD have worked -- or the big green hulk hand, and the latter makes you think you could never watch the scene with a straight face again. And you'd be as wrong as I was.)
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