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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

^ You sure like talking about something you claim to dislike don't ya? Also the points you make are part of the reason why this is so fun. Otto is a supervillain in a superheroes body and living a superheroes life but still operating with a supervillian mentality. He's not adjusting very well. He's fought Spider-Man so long, but really had no idea about the man underneath the mask or the sacrifices and decisions he's had to make over the years. He's in Spider-Man's body, but he's still that crack pot over the top campy scientist and applying that mentality to being Spider-Man. Thus the Spider-Bots, etc.

His goal was to take over his arch-nemesis and finally destroy him. He could have taken over anyone's body theoretically...but he's Peter's first and longest enemy and this is why it tied in with the 50th Anny last year all the way to Amazing Spider-Man #1. Finally after all these years a plan of Otto's finally least most of it

Also it's more likely that Peter is in limbo since he's most likely coming back in a few months

Out of curiosity are you reading any other Marvel books...obviously you don't like Superior Spider-Man.

Next weeks Marvel pulls:

-Avengers: The Enemy Within #1
-Nova #4
-Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23
-Wolverine and the X-Men #29
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