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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Shadows of P'Jem:

This episode is supposed to be a follow-up to "The Andorian Incident". Archer is informed by Admiral Forrest that the sanctuary at P'Jem was destroyed by Andorian commandos, and the Vulcan High Council is blaming Enterprise, and T'Pol in particular, because if they hadn't gone to P'Jem, the Andorians wouldn't have found their little secret listening post. So they're ordering T'Pol back to Vulcan.

She doesn't seem to care, and Archer is upset by this. So he takes her along to Korriban -- oh, whoops, that's Star Wars -- Coridan, a planet under the governmental jurisdiction of the Vulcans. Unfortunately, this government isn't very popular, at least among a group of renegades, who shoot down Archer and T'Pol's shuttle and take them hostage. After enduring a truly embarrassing scene involving Archer and T'Pol trying to wriggle out of their bonds and Archer ending up with a face-full of Vulcan boobage, we are introduced to Sopek, the captain of the Vulcan vessel appointed with the task of taking T'Pol back to the homeworld.

The Vulcans, naturally, are not pleased that their scapegoat has been kidnapped, so they take over the rescue mission. But of course, Trip knows better than to trust those pointy-eared bastards, so he and Malcolm take a shuttle down to the planet anyway. Immediately, they are kidnapped, but hey, what the? It's Shran the Andorian! Who, by a baffling coincidence, has shown up to rescue Archer and repay his debt at the exact same time that the Andorians were reintroduced to the plot by the Vulcans. Crazy, right?

Anyway, they all come to the rescue of Archer and T'Pol, the Vulcans show up, and there's a shoot-out in which T'Pol takes a bullet (well, a phaser blast) for Sopek. Archer convinces Sopek to give T'Pol another chance, and she gets to stay on Enterprise. Guess she'll need some more nasal suppressants from Phlox.

Sigh... Who writes this stuff? With all the political intrigue, you'd think this would have been more compelling. But there were so many loose ends. Enterprise has been in contact with Vulcans, and Admiral Forrest, before this episode, so why are they just now hearing about the destruction of P'Jem? Why did the Vulcans wait months to tell them? To me, it just seems like the writers are just making all this up as they go. There's absolutely no forethought displayed here, as far as I can see.

Also, it's annoying how this "corrupt" government on Coridan, which is controlled by the evil Vulcans, is never really explained, or even seen. And the Andorians just happened to be there... how? Were they helping the rebels? Or were they just there to save Archer? I don't know. Shran's presence on Coridan just felt like a huge plot contrivance.

Things I liked about this episode: Uhhh... Jeffrey Combs is cool?

Worst line ever belongs to Hoshi: "He isn't available right now. Can I take a message?" She has officially become Enterprise's receptionist.
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