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My issue has always been that Picard seems very Captain-as-King in 'tude, which is very retro and not enlightened 24thcentury at all. Whereas Kirk is not afraid of showing his emotions a lot of the time, so while he has his great quiet powerful moments (Balance of Terror, CHARLIE X), most remember stuff like RISK IS OUR BUSINESS from RtT or, more painfully, SHE'S HUMAN! from Requiem.)

Kirk and Sisko (and Janeway even when I was able to watch VOYAGER) seemed military commander-like, whereas Picard vacillated between King and diplomat. The others could incorporate those aspects while still seeming to be in the service, but Picard ... well, suffice to say I'm not a fan.
Po-tay-to, po-ta-to. Both men are different commanders, jut like both are different men. This doesn't mean that Picard has no emotions or won't smile or express his feelings, he just does it in a different way. At least Picard cried his eyes out when it counted ('Sarek' and Star Trek: Generations,
and I find his work in SAREK and GEN to be painful to watch and almost as lacking in credibility as his tantrum in FC. FAMILY works, barely. Even though Frakes seemed almost like an amateur in the cast 1st season, in later years his quiet effective emotional moments, like the scene aboard the BoP in the mess hall 2nd season, and especially with Data at the end of LEGACY (probably the best moment in the series for me), trump everything Stewart did on Trek. And Yeah, I'm definitely one of those guys who would have been very happy to have seen TNG with Riker as Captain 4th season.
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