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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

You know I just realized something Otto Octavious has got to be the biggest idiot on the planet, becuase out of all the people who he could switch bodies with he picks Peter Parker aka God's personal butt monkey. I mean seriously has Otto realized just how screwed he is now?

I mean lets think about this for two seconds Otto used to be a feared super villian who has the ability to score with hot chicks and seemingly enough spare cash for secret lairs and giant death machines and leads his own super villian team and pretty much gets to be top dog when ever Osborn isn't around spreading his crazy. Hell even dying wasn't a big thing to him since he came back from the dead.

He has traded this to be a guy who God personally craps on regularly.

I mean he can't keep a girlfriend to save his life for the most part if he does manage that they either get killed, or he sells his relationship to the freaking devil to save his aunt just so when she kicks the bucket of old age (in what like six months) he doesn't have to feel guilty about it (yes that was the actual reason he gave) becuase the guy running his comic company wants him single. He constantly has to fight people who would light him on fire and post it on the Internet and (depending on his public perception) people would gladly watch, and that's just the ones who don't know who he is. The ones that do will gladly ruin his non super hero life as well such as Harry Osborn's scheme to make robot duplicates of his parents which added on top of other bad stuff in his life at the time drove him practically insane. Not to mention that writers and editors don't mind ruining his life if they think it will sell more which mean a future of possible job loss, JJJ turning on him and making him a wanted fugitive, and other horrible things.

Honestly I'm starting to think Parker is in Marvel heaven laughing his ass off at Otto when he isn't busy banging Gwen Stacy, while Otto is totally screwed and hasn't even realized it yet.
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