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Re: FUSE by Insomniac Games

Oh, Fuse, now there's a game that pisses me off. Fuse was originally known as Overstrike and was a very different game. It was an original game in a sea of generic AAA titles.

Of course, I guess their bosses got cold feet and decided to play it safe rather than try something unique and creative. So we end up with another Gears of War clone with hyper realistic and gritty graphics. Yawn.

Insomniac wrote:
Insomniac games originally unveiled Overstrike at Electronic Arts’ E3 2011 press conference. The game’s debut trailer, created by animation studio Blur, blended comedy with action. Characters were heavily stylized. Environments were bright and cheerful. Dialogue was campy.

As the game developed, Insomniac says the lighthearted visual tone of Overstrike didn’t match what it was ultimately becoming: a mature, coop shooter with a more serious story centered around the Fuse element.

“We’d started off with a cartoony art style, but it just never felt like the stakes were that high,” says Fuse creative director Brian Allgeier. “You really couldn’t take anyone seriously. We actually evolved the style quite a bit just to get to the Overstrike trailer from E3 2011. We were still developing the characters, but there was a certain point where we were ready to go to press and get these characters in the trailer. And they were kind of pulling it out of our artists’ hands.”
That's the game I wanted. Not this generic sell out that takes itself way too seriously.
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