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Re: "Doctor" - MDs vs PhDs

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You could do that, Maestro, but you'll inevitably be compared to the Seinfeld episode.
I find it somewhat interesting that you're eager to dismiss my concerns about graduate school address, Dr. Pavonis, while at the same time dismissing my interest in being addressed by a title that I have also earned.

Or perhaps, I find that to just be indicative of the pretense you have over your doctorate.
You misunderstood me, Maestro. I wasn't dismissing your interest in using your title. By all means do so. I was merely pointing out that you would inevitably be compared to the episode of Seinfeld in which a guest character insists on being called "Maestro". Just an observation, not a judgment.

Did you address your professor in graduate school as "Doctor," or were you more familiar?
Actually, I called them "Professor" until they told me we could be on a first name basis. Reasonable, no?
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