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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I'm on Laurence Yep's Shadow Lord. I think I read this when I was in the seventh grade. I'm pretty sure I didn't like it then and I'm not really feeling it now. I'll get through it though as it does read pretty quickly. This just seems likes a feeble attempt to shoehorn Star Trek characters into a fantasy novel. The characters are a little all over the place as well. Especially Spock. Not a bad story really but the Star Trek characters don't belong.
Yeah, I felt much the same way. It felt like the Star Trek elements were tacked-on a bit. Also, Spock touching the guest character to comfort her and occasionally smiling seemed really out of character. I found it an interesting read, but it didn't feel like a Star Trek story.
Yeah, to piggyback on what you said I've made it clear before that I think the Vulcans are a race many storytellers take liberties with. The problem is that it is difficult to feature a main character that is what I would consider a true "emotionless" stoic Vulcan. They just aren't all that interesting; which is why we always see these little out of character moments by T'Pol, Spock and Tuvok to endear themselves to the audience. Usually when you see the straight arrow Vulcan in literature they are either an antagonistic character or on the fringe of being antagonistic. I'm having trouble putting into words with what I mean by that but hopefully you all get what I'm saying. Its not really a big deal but it is something I've noticed as I read and watch Star Trek.
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