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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

Here's how I would love the show to end.

Remember that episode with the obscene watermark, and Creed totally set an innocent girl up to be fired?

I want that girl to see that on the show, and then sue the company, forcing them to close the branch.

I like the way Dwight behaved when he finally got the manager position. It makes it seem like he grew over the last nine years. I think when he saw Jim talking to David Wallace, he assumed Jim was about to be offered the job. Then when David immediately called him in, he realized that David was asking Jim if Dwight should be manager and despite their rivalry he told him yes. So in that moment he lightened up and 'Got it'.

Edit: I've been power-watching Parks & Rec to see the early episodes I missed because the pilot sucked, and realizing just how much better a show it is than The Office. Such a well balanced cast, and Mark for Chris & Ben is the best trade in TV history.

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