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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

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I hope these novels, or others, are finally released now that STiD is out! A few novels would be nice to at least tie us over until ST3 . I know there are comic books, but to be honest, I didn't really grow up reading comics, and I'm not really an enthusiast for them. Plus novels have better potential for a deeper and more interesting story, since they are not as limited in page and word length as a comic book. I also don't really care to read 'young adult' books either.
Honestly, it's probably better off that we don't have Abramsverse novels. We'd get less Prime Trek novels a year, and an Abramsverse series would be the "put you toys away at the end" tupe stories that a lot of people around here claim they are sick of with all the TOS novels. I still think the way the four Abramsverse novels were pulled was very sloppy and poorly handled, but in the end we're better off without an Abramsverse series, IMO.
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