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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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^ No. ENT's effects were not rendered at 480p. It was native HD. I think it was 720p. You may be thinking of the director's cut of TMP, whose new effects were done at 480p (but can be re-rendered).

As for DS9 and Voyager, those shows did it just like TNG did: the effects were done on film, but transferred to videotape for editing, which automatically knocked the resolution down to 480i.

From the review:

As I've discussed in previous articles, CG and VFX sequences for the first three seasons of Enterprise were rendered at 720p resolution during the show's production (CORRECTION: It seems most VFX shots were actually produced at 480p resolution, with shots only being rendered at 720p/1080p if the visual effects team thought aliasing issues were too severe). Rather than re-render these shots at full 1080p (which would have proved prohibitively expensive for CBS due to the reduced market for Enterprise) the shots have been up-scaled. The results seem to be very much dependent on the (admittedly variable) quality of the CG that was produced back in 2001-2002 rather than any upscaling algorithms CBS may have used.
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