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Re: TOS: Devil's Bargain by Tony Daniel Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Yep, I am actually one of the younger people around here.

My first one was Price of the Phoenix, when I was in 4th grade. 30 years ago, yikes. Believe it or not I wasn't really that into Star Trek, it was just one of my dad's books that looked interesting. (He had a lot of sci-fi but that was his only Star Trek book.)

A few years later I really started getting into Star Trek (on TV). One day I discovered that there was a whole section of Trek novels at the bookstore, and picked up Deep Domain to read on a trip. I read it in less than a day, and after that I was completely hooked. Somehow up until that point I thought there were only a few Star Trek novels, all Bantam, and I didn't even know Pocket existed!
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