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Every Episode Viewed and Ranked in Five Days!

As the companion to my reply-less "Watch People Watching Star Trek" thread (143 [and counting] viewers can't be wrong!) I'd like to share with you what it was all about.

My friends hosted a five day event where they screened and ranked 16 episodes of Star Trek per day over five days (in broadcast order). It was an open invitation to join and I was there for a little more than half of it. We all had a great time viewing the original Star Trek with a crowd of people, some who had never seen them and others who were very familiar with it. We viewed them from the Blu-rays with the original effects, with the exception of "The Menagerie" (because "The Cage" had been viewed just a few hours earlier) and "The Doomsday Machine" because...well just because. Obviously the final rankings are not meant to be definitive (but are probably a pretty accurate consensus), it was just a great deal of fun watching Trek with a roomful of fans and friends.
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