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As a Trek-fan I found this movie perfectly entertaining.

Oh, I guess that means I'm not a real fan, right?

If you'd read what I wrote instead of getting your knickers in a twist, you'll see I wrote - 'you may find yourself sat there getting increasingly angry.'

'May' is subjective, I can't tell you what you are, don't you know yourself?

What do you make of those fans who not only find this film perfectly entertaining but also don't see any arrogance in Abrams ability to make such good movies.
If that's the opinion they hold then that's fine. Why would I see it any other way, it's just a film, why are you looking for consensus on something that people will all see differently?

You seem a bit narky mate, may I ask why? I've already explained that 'may' was used in a subjective context and you're still banging on, get it off your chest and share it.
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