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I liked it.

I liked the duality of Starfleet depicted -- it's always had a military role attached, no matter how much they call themselves explorers, and with the serious threats that were shown in the last film that came out of nowhere and were only stopped by unreliable variables, you can see why there'd be people in the organization who see the need to increase its ability to defend itself from the known threats (the Klingons are almost assumed to be a coming war), and those unknown (which are even more frightening, as Narada showed).

With this, it's hard to see the "bad guys" as the bad guys, they just have different goals.

The militarization of Starfleet could very well save the Federation itself, but by doing so could actually destroy it. The duality continues. Heroes aren't a variable to rely on, neither are supermen.

Enterprise and Vengeance are the movie.
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