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I watched this film a few hours ago with my friend whos more of a casual fan, he seemed to enjoy it but said it didnt have any of the uniqueness of previous star trek films.

I thought the first hour of the film started off quite slowly in build up did disappoint me slightly and some of the logic such as making Kirk go back to the academy then first officer then captain within about 20 minutes all felt.

There was also to many god dam lens flares in this film i seemed to notice it a lot more this time. however I lied a look of the other things in this film.

I liked the inclusion of Section 31 as someone who enjoyed there run in DS9 it was good for me to see them appear in this and i liked the interplay with them and Kahn, I just wish it was used a lot more and built upon.

I'm not to sure on the Kirk ''death scene'' as i kind of like the similarities with the wrath of Kahn but to me as a fan i found it a little to Over the top especially with Spocks ' KAHNNNNN' I was half expecting spock to host the funeral mentioning how he found kirks choice to save the many of the ship the most Vulcan decision he had ever seen.

I found the acting to be of a good standard and I liked the new actors in Cummberbatch as Kahn and Alice eve as Dr Marcus
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