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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Further, what if someone told you (hypothetically) that selling these standalone discs (BOBW, Redemption, possibly Unification, Chain of Command, etc.) more or less helped bankroll and greenlight a full HD DS9, all seven seasons (even the CG VFX) filled to the brim with all new VAM... and that a similar tactic with DS9 helped bankroll VOY. Would that change your opinion?
I want TNG on Blu-ray because I want TNG on Blu-ray, not because buying it will lead to hypothetical releases down the road. Plus, I simply don't believe other series HD makeovers rely solely on how well TNG sells. I think actual cost, likely revenue sources beyond the Blu-ray (syndication, streaming) and even the sales performance of Enterprise (which I haven't bought and have no intention of buying) will factor as much into any decisions regarding the other two series.
You're right in the sense that all the spinoffs are likely going to have HD masters made regardless, because it is in the best interests of CBS to future proof them and sell them back into syndication like you say.

The real question however -- the one that hinges on how well TNG sells, the one we're all interested in learning the answer to -- is how will the remasters of DS9 and VOY be approached. Like TNG, or like The X-Files? If TNG doesn't sell well on Blu, then the CBS executives are likely to look at those two later series and say, "Just upconvert the VFX and port over the existing VAM. Done."

See, I don't care about syndication, digital distribution or streaming. I want high-quality Blu-ray sets for TNG, DS9 and VOY... with high bitrates, lossless audio and every frame meticulously restored using every original element CBS Digital can get their hands on. The only way that's going to happen is if CBS gets a good return on their investment for TNG on Blu. There's no way they will lavish that kind of money and effort on DS9 and VOY if TNG doesn't sell well.

So, by all means, keep doing what you're doing. Keep buying these TNG discs, because that sends a message to CBS that you will reward them when they go the extra mile.
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