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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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I followed the link, the "town" didn't look much larger than my university campus, which is a minute fraction of the town I live, and the town I live in is tiny compared to a real city.

okay serious question.

How many citizens mobilized for the defence?

If a thousand people showed up to defend that gorge, and only 41 people died, then a the volge have worse aim than Imperial Storm troopers, if they didn't hit the other 959 asshole drawing fire from their heavy weapons, and b 5000 other people were too cowardly to turn up, or straight out abandoned Defiance? But if a hundred citizens of Defiance showed up to defend the gorge, almost half of them dying seems about right, but they're sacrificing their lives so that over 5 thousand 900 asshats back home can whore it up and play cards ignoring the invasion.

Logically because of the pilot, it's a small town. They need to actively contradict that on screen by showing a town meeting where three thousand people show up, or say that 4 thousand of them fought the Volge... The real world set they are using is just one street, and frankly I was beginning to think that the town was one street.

Meanwhile in those pictures of the town that were linked, I thought those blurry shadows might be people, but then I decided that they were trees.

Arbour Day must be really big in the future.
They are clearly people but you clearly have no intent of honest discussion here.
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