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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

I fucking haaaaaaaaaaate Dawn. I hate her attitude. I hate her chin. I hate her whining. I hate her instability. I hate her toothless mouth. I hate her hypocrisy. I hate her eyes. I hate her immaturity. I hate her crying.

I seriously want to punch my TV every time she's on screen. She could be my least favorite Survivor ever. I thought her behavior after the reward challenge was disgusting. You're going to see your family in 4 days anyways, suck it up. If she makes it to the final 3 I hope the jury tears her a new asshole.

Man that was a rough outing for Brenda, felt bad for her. Truth be told I probably would have voted her out too, she was a definite threat to win the game. She's just so good looking too. Nom nom nom.

If Eric, Eddie and Sherri are smart, they form an alliance. This will not happen though, as being smart is part of the process.

Looking forward to the finale. I was thinking that Cochrane could pull it off, but now I'm thinking that he might be seen as the evil overlord that everyone (wrongly) feels jilted by and that'll cost him some votes.

All I know is that if Dawn wins I will kidnap Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett and make them do unspeakable things.
Ice up son, ice up.
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