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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening

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Fast Five did $626 million worldwide! Did you know ?
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Only little tidbit I have heard is from Germany where it is apparently getting 25% more admissions than ST09 which translates to 75% more $$$ so far but very early days!
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Also heard ( that the presales in Hong Kong are low and Trek is not expected to do well in Asia..
Flake, I'll merge your triple post this one more time, but you do this a lot. Seriously: You have an "Edit" button. Make use of it.
Yes sorry it's a bad forum habit I suppose. I think of something else to say usually after I have already posted, it is as if the act of posting immediately inspires another thought! .... TBH my intention here was simply to make more work for you to do of course

Star Trek into darkness is doing better than IM3 did in Germany apparently, but Germany is one of the strongest markets for Star Trek yet one of the weakest for IM3.

Iron Man 3 did 9million dollars for opening wkend in Germany.
ST09 did 4.2million dollars in Germany opening weekend.

Maybe it can get to 7or8 million in Germany ? Perhaps 9m for the 4-day weekend? That would be excellent IMO. Long way to go until there are firm numbers though. These whisper numbers are for the previews which I assume are the midnight showings. No idea if it can keep up with Iron Man over the whole weekend.

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