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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

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You might be right but I'm not so sure. 33% of the worldwide gross of Star Trek 2009 came from foreign territories. I should think that the same percentage if not higher applies for the DVD and Blu Ray sales of Star Trek. I'm sure CBS cares about that.
But it still means that two-thirds of the revenue generated comes from the U.S., so decisions are still made with that in mind. A $180 million dollar film isn't considered a success without that two-thirds ($260 million).

Are they now trying to pump up International revenue? Yes. They probably figure that they're coming close to maxing out the American market, so they have to hunt for dollars elsewhere. But that wasn't the case in the 1990's. Does anyone have International market numbers outside of Paramount for viewing totals in the 1990's?
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