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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Wow... the downtime is getting worse... You should see the UK people freaking out on the STO forums! They keep saying "Don't do this when we're coming home from work or school, instead inconvience the Americans..." How rude.
Well, if you read the neverWinter Derv posts - they basically stated that yes, it was technically Emergency maintenance; because they did state they weren't going to do a Thursday maintenance (they 'rolled' it into the recovery from the last unexpected crash) - and basically, some new/better network hardware arrived that would improve game server performance; and the Net Ops team collectively felt installing said new hardware ASAP would be better for all Cryptic games; so they decided to do it.

Whether that pans out as a good thing, and fixes a lot of the lag issues players have been seeing across all 3 Cryptic MMOs remains to be seen.
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