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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

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I'm really straining to find anything wrong with that episode...
The only thing that I find wrong with it, which is the same thing I find wrong with this whole half of the season, is that the Doctor is not trying at all to solve the mystery that is Clara.

Even when Vastra and Jenny asked him about it, he basically shrugged it off. I was really looking forward to their return because I thought that finally the Doctor might have to do something (or at least say something) about The Impossible Girl, but he didn't.
What more is there to do other than "wait for the Trap to be sprung"?

He's questioned her about who she is and what she's up to, who she's working for, and why she keeps popping up.

He's gone into her past to see her growing up, and even to the point of checking out her parents before they met
I know. Clara just isn't all that interesting to me, so without exploring the mystery surrounding her, I just get kinda bored. She didn't even need to be in this episode at all.
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