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Re: If you found yourself aboard the Refitprise during TMP...

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The universe Spock and Nero came from would continue without them, after all existence was around long before the both of them were on the scene.
Honestly, we don't know whether their timeline continued or ceased to exist when they exited it. The movie doesn't really tell us one way or the other.
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I think the Prime 2387 continues onward from the creation of the Red Matter black hole that sucks in Spock and Nero. After all, this has been variably described as an alternate reality, a parallel quantum reality and a new timeline that runs alongside the Prime one we're all familiar with but doesn't erase the original.
I dunno. Considering how popular Spock is, you could make a case that the Trekverse actually does revolve around him. Therefore, when he leaves it....
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