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Re: In A Mirror, Darkly: Best cold open ever?

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About of the show I loved seeing a Constitution Class flying around and demonstrating what it could really do which I have always wanted to see- the Remastered episode with the Doomsday Machine did this somewhat.
Yes, it put to rest (or should have) all the debate about the NX-01 being too advanced compared to 23rd and 24th century ships.
I must confess I am more hardware and SFX driven that losing myself in a character's motivations and such. I was sorry to see Archer get it in the end, I was really trying routing for him. While he was, of course, EVIL, he also thought outside the box and recognized an opportunity when others were content to dismiss it.
You should pick up the "Glass Empires" short story book. It features a continuation of the Ent MU story (and a GREAT continuation of the TOS MU story). There is also a full length sequel novel featuring the Ent MU story which I haven't read.
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