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I loved the first film ST09 despite some significant plot holes. I was more a TNG fan and liked those films (well the one with the Borg anyway) but was never really a TOS fan. Only film I like in the series was the 4th one.

Anyway I had no expectations for ST09 like a lot of people and it was really good. I hadn't been following any news about it on the internet.

Maybe some true trek fans couldn't get used to seeing new faces as their favourite character but not being a dedicated TOS fan, this was not an issue for me. I have seen the other movies though so know the plots.

Which is why this was was disappointing. There is no originality. Why couldn't they come up with a new villain? A guy I used work with is a huge Star Trek fan and has been trying to avoid spoilers so the identity of the villain was a surprise to him and he thought exactly the same thing I did. I don't mind seeing characters like Khan even in a minor role but not the main villain again please.

Special effects great but the story could have been a bit more cerebral - or a lot more and you could still have plenty of action.

Plus as I've said before I was hoping Pike didn't die. I wouldn't even have minded so much if it was essential to the plot but I think Kirk getting into trouble, demoted, Pike saving/choosing him again was like the first film all over again. Plus I think the plot was forced to get Kirk to be captain just like in ST09.

Again maybe because my expectations were so high I was a bit disappointed. A friend who doesn't like Star Trek at all even knew who Khan was so was wondering why he was in it 30 odd years later? She asked was the actor not too old!?

Plus bringing Kirk back?

I thought Abrahms said there was no poing in re-hashing old Star Trek films or words to that effect?

It's a good film but I don't think it will be in anybody's top ten
My favourite movies are the ones where they're using characters from the series they originated from - FC and TWOK. I have no problem with a nuverse prequel to TWOK.
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