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Kirk's KHAAAAN in TWOK made no sense. he knew he was just buying time for Spock to repair the enterprise and beam them out in 2 hours. Was that just theatrics to fool khan into thinking he didnt have that ace up his sleave?
Yes. Kirk's shout was pure theatrics. He wasn't aware they'd get to hang out in the area Marcus created, but he knew Spock and the Enterprise would be back, soon.
Is it possible that the present filmmakers didn't catch on to that? Admittedly it's possible to miss it when first seeing TWoK, at least if you first saw it with a boisterous audience during premier weekend in 1982. Maybe if Shatner had winked at the camera after doing it...
I think they would have known Kirk was selling it to Khan. The thing is, over time, it's become considered a rather humorous moment in the movie because of Kirk's emoting. It's also become a bit of a meme over time. What I'd like to know if the writers of STID actually talked about the potential baggage associated with using the line, or if it was put in without question.

It was a risk because undoubtedly, it will take some movie-goers out of the moment (*SNICKER* "KHAAAAAAN!" SHATNER *SNICKER*) at a time when they should be feeling as agonized as Spock is. But what else is Spock supposed to do? He's going off like a volcano. It's a powerful moment, and if fans and others can't stay in the moment and separate it from the more cheesy use it pays a certain homage to, then too bad for them.

Maybe if they hadn't been so faithful to TWOK death scene, so by the time he lets out the yell everyone is thinking about TWOK, fewer would make the immediate association, too.
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