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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Yup. Ma Kent even kept a scrapbook of disasters that didn't quite happen--Clark acting as a guardian angel even pre-Superman. A scrapbook that caused some trouble when Lex Luthor came sniffing into the connection between Superman and Clark.
Ugh. I really like John Byrne, but his Superman origin seems like something I wouldn't be interested in. I'll stick to his Marvel work.
You're a Superman fan and a comic fan, but have never read Byrne's run? Byrne's run is pretty much the definitive version for the latter half of the 20th Century and is still influencing Superman today.
I like Superman, but of all the big superheroes, he's probably the one whose comics I've read the least, atleast of his solo stuff. I've read a lot of him in JLA and stuff like that. Of the solo stuff, I've read some Golden age stories, individual stories like For the Man Who Has Everything (which is great), Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Whats So Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way, some silver age stories in collections and other stuff like that. The problem is that, for more modern stuff, the New Krypton arc stopped me from being able to get into superman because it required so much reading (it was around this time that I started to be able to get more access to comics), so by the time I managed to read some of his newer pre reboot stuff, it was JMS's horrible Grounded arc. Thats not to say I haven't read modern stuff, like All Star superman and some of the Superman/Batman series, but he's just been the hardest hero to get into from a newer comic perspective. I did watch all of Superman TAS, JL/JLU, and the various DC Animated movie, and thats more where I get what I consider the best version of Superman from (or atleast the version I enjoy the most). I've read one issue of Byrne's Man of Steel (issue #2, that was in The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told TPB I got) and it was ok, although I don't like the fat lex stuff very much. I like that he's a buisness man, but from what I've read of fat lex, he's just not enough of a scientist for me. From what I've heard of Byrne's Superman stuff in this topic, it doesn't sound like something i'd like very much.
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