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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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So will McGann be regenerating into John Hurt then, 'cos he won't be regenerating into Eccleston, that's for sure!
I'm puzzled why, at this late date, depicting McGann's regeneration into anyone (Atkinson, Grant, Eccleston, Hurt, whomever) matters.

What the guys at DWM said years ago when they declined to do the regeneration at the end of "The Flood" is still valid -- a regeneration is a story of two halves, the build-up to the regeneration, and the aftermath of that regeneration. A minisode scene gives us the flashy effects, but it doesn't give us the story. The only people with an emotional connection to Paul McGann's version of the Doctor to give the regeneration any meaning are the fans. And the minisode isn't going to give us a full "Castrovalva" or "The Christmas Invasion."

I'm not saying Moffat can't do this if he wishes. But I don't see the point in doing it as a minisode. If it's just to check the box, it's pointless.

A) There are fans including me who want to see more of McGann. And we want to see how McGann dies.
B) Nothin' wrong with nice affects.
C) Why not? Might as well. It gets fans of the new series curious of the classic series.
D) McGann is my second favourite doctor closely behind Tennant and closely in front of Eccleston. I do have some emotional connection to his doctor, and I for one want to see how it all happens.
E) It solves the long asked question.
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Oops, John Hurt has just confirmed that he is indeed playing The Doctor.

Time to get out your Tippex and start replacing all those references to the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors you might have in books or on toys.
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