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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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^^You do realize the only "recent" Trek movies are Trek XI and STID, right? XI's immediate predecessor is Nemesis which was released over a decade ago, so isn't really all that recent.
And after the disaster that was ENT (not in terms of quality.... I'm talking, say, Nielsen's), Trek was pretty much on life support.

I look at it this way: I might not like everything about this movie. But at least my 12-year old niece is watching TAS, TOS, heck even DS9 because of JJTrek. She's already seen ALL of the TOS and TNG movies and calls herself a Trekkie and tells me plenty of her friends do, too.

Through the last thirty years, I've been through times when if someone mentioned to people that I was a Trekkie, I would get "WTF is wrong with her?!" looks. I'm not kidding.

Don't get those any more. I call that a win.
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