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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

I went through this thread to see the sites.

Hypermart - Only a free 30 day trial.
Netfirms - Pay site. (10$ a month)
Virtual Avenue - Pay site (7$ a month)
100grams - doesn't exist anymore.
Imagestation - doesn't allow .gif files, so no animated avs.
Digikitten - I don't know, really. I've seen a lot of problems on this board from them, so I haven't looked.
Villagephotos - free one is ok, but you can only upload something like 25-30 images. Which sucked for me because I'm moving my whole webspace.... - gone.
Microtech - Don't know.
Photobucket - A lot of people here use this. I've seen problems with it as well, but I guess it's good to go.
Onlinerock - OK, but it's really for musicians. No biggy though...
Imageshack - Seems OK

I'll miss the space my ISP used to give me.
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