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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

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How is what she did different than what Brenda did to Andrea?
It felt very much different. Maybe because Brenda is such a sweet woman while Andrea did a lot of plotting and manipulating, so her getting blindsided was more a "live by the sword" situation.

That in addition to the brutality of the family challenge, her choosing Dawn, then giving it up for the rest of the tribe, and getting betrayed by all of them basically.

Voting her out was the right move, so props to Dawn and Cochran, but it was not fun to watch for me. And Dawn especially will get an earful about it if she makes it to the final tribal council. (hint: the people on Ponderosa are not her biggest fans... )

eta: plus of course Brenda losing immunity to Dawn despite probably being able to hang on a while longer.
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