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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

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Yeah, although there's never any indication that Jenna is in similar danger from the rest of the prisoners which is a bit surprising.
They were supposed to be drugged... which kinda makes Jenna's situation with the entire complement of guards on board even more dangerous.
Good point!

Also, Blake, Gan and some others would have been protective of her, and not let the other prisoners touch her.

BTW, I am on season 4 now, just watched Power. Sad about Zen and the Liberator but they thought season 3 would be the last season, if they had known there was a season 4 then maybe the Liberator would still be around. Still, it's interesting so see the crew use their wits without their super ship to back them up. Of course, Orac and Avon knew how a lot of the Liberator's tech worked, like the teleporter, this always helps.
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