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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

The brutal part of the reward challenge was that they were so close to their camp, forcing Brenda and Dawn to actually watch everyone else eating and having a great time. That's messed up!

If Cochran makes it to the end, I don't see how he won't win. He obviously deserves it, he has done a great job. But will he make it to the end? I really hope so. That preview for next week showing someone possibly getting taken out of the game for an injury worries me. That would be especially tough with just two or three days left in the game!

I think that unless he wins immunity, Eddie will be the next to go, because Cochran has already begun making a case to others that Eddie will win the last immunity challenges and "choose their fate," as Dawn put it. If Eddie wins immunity, I think it will come down to Eric or Sherri going. Unless one of those two makes a move against Cochran that includes Eddie.

By the way, I noticed several very beautiful shots in last night's episode. For example, when the Survivors were walking back to camp through the water at sunset, after the barbecue.
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