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Re: Who is Spock's wife(or mate)?

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^ Don't follow the novels myself, and there is something just generally creepy about Spock one day marrying his adopted daughter and protege.


My personal preferance would be for Spock's wife to be someone else.

Fair enough. Although it should be noted that the whole business about Saavik being his "adopted daughter" is also from the books and comics and other non-canonical sources. If we're going strictly by the movies, then Saavik was simply a promising student whom he is mentoring.

And the books certainly didn't make up the part about them hooking up on the Genesis Planet. (Although, granted, there were extenuating circumstances.)

I remember that, back in the day, a lot of fans assumed that Saavik was pregnant with Spock's child when she was left behind on Vulcan in the fourth movie . . . .
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