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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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I think rebooting a franchise with so much history behind it is a bad idea.

What they did with Doctor Who was a better approach. I didn't like a lot of the RTJ Doctor Who, but I liked the _approach_ of not jettisoning the history, but just making it more modern and slicker. The new Doctor Who has production values that shame the final seasons of classic Doctor Who, but at the same time, they weren't afraid to directly link to the past, like by bringing back Sarah Jane. That's what the movie-era did to TOS, and TNG did after that. It's time for a sort of next-next-generation of post-Nemesis that simply does away with all of the Berman/Braga-isms (the wallpaper music, endless technobabble, downplayed drama, etc...).
Doctor Who has the advantage of being a show about a time traveller who can change at the time of death into another body/personality. That show has it's own reset/reboot-button as an integral part of storytelling.
They didn't have to chuck out anything, because they could simply ignore the old stuff or bring it all back changed while still having the same main character, the Doctor.

Star Trek is a different beast altogether. Kirk, Spock, McCoy are the iconic characters of Star Trek. As fans we may like all the others too but they all stand in the shadows of those original characters.
To get back to those icons, the creators of this new Star Trek had to throw out all - well, not all - the old stuff.
For the fans, they did their reboot in the softest way possible; the old stuff is still there, just not relevant to this updated version.
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