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But because it was such a blatant re-creation of that specific scene, it was difficult for me to NOT think about it :/ I got there eventually though, sort of, and it's why I want to go see it again- to try and force myself, now that I know what to expect, to NOT compare it to WoK
Is it any different to ST:TMP being a remake of "The Changeling"?

As a Trek newbie in December 1979, I had absolutely no idea of the storyline of "The Changeling", but for most TOS fans of the day, the blatant remake (without any of the characters remembering Nomad) was inexcusable. But movies based on TV shows aren't made for the small percentage of diehard fans who'll be in attendance - and the general public don't usually notice.

Ditto the approach of a probe in ST IV, only two movies after TMP featured the approach of a probe - and then the Klingons firing on one in ST V!
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