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If I was gonna be nitpicky, I'd say Admiral Marcus' plan was a little weird. What was the point in putting all the augments into torpedoes? Did he plan for Kirk to fire them at Kronos and detonate them? Or were they going to land on Kronos and cause havoc there? I know Marcus was going to destroy the Enterprise regardless of what happened on Kronos, but still....

Also was kinda hoping for a little more pew pew, it was just the Vengeance owning the Enterprise and that was it. No other Starfleet ships within range of Earth?!
When has there ever been a starship near in Earth in a trek movie?

"We're the only ship in the QUADRANT."- James Kirk TWOK
Haha, I guess it does make sense because even in TNG they only had that shitty Mars defense line to try stop The Borg which was about 3 shuttles. I'm just hoping to see something like First Contact, but with an even bigger budget.

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I saw it. I'm still buzzing far too much to form coherent sentences about it.

Here's what I didn't like:
Spock's "KHAAAAAN!" which was unbelievably awful. The reverse Wrath of Khan was a nice idea, but Kirk's miraculous revival right afterward made it feel cheap.

What I did like: EVERYTHING ELSE. Bring on the next one!
I agree, it was a little too parodyish even though looking back I didn't mind it.
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