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Kirk's KHAAAAN in TWOK made no sense. he knew he was just buying time for Spock to repair the enterprise and beam them out in 2 hours. Was that just theatrics to fool khan into thinking he didnt have that ace up his sleave?
I think that may be it, yeah. That explanation also makes Shatner look a little better - it's Kirk's over-the-top acting, not the Shat's.

The other thing to consider, though, is that Kirk is really furious at Khan for reasons other than being "marooned" - he's just watched one Starfleet officer commit suicide and he's got a guy who served under him for who knows how many years lying on the floor in a coma, and Khan's responsible for both.
Plus all the other recent casualties in Khan's wake: the scientist Terrell burned away instead of David (was that one of the reasons Terrell offed himself?), the scientists on the station tortured to death, not to mention Peter Preston and the other trainees and crew. And, the millions who might die if Khan escapes and deploys Genesis....
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