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Re: Subplots and Mini-Arcs

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Something that's sort of unique to Star Trek TNG is the presence of mini-arcs that will have one or two usually non-consecutive episodes per season. In a way TNG is a show comprised predominantly of mini-arcs, as opposed to being a serial with one overarching arc.
I too like this aspect, but I don't think it was necessarily planned. It's just that TNG had a much tighter sense of continuity than TOS. It's quite surprising to rewatch season one and be reminded how tight the continuity is. Those scenes in "Coming Of Age" where Remmick questions the crew about events that have taken place over several episodes gave a really great sense of these being real people whose adventures really take place in some kind of consecutive time-frame. It definitely ads to the rewatchibility factor.

Comparatively, TOS pretty much just had the Organian Peace Treaty, which got dredged up in the Klingon episodes, along with the Vulcan stuff that just got built on with each new addition to Spock's character. Both of which were for their time surprisingly effective pieces of continuity, but TNG definitely had a richer vein running through it's seven years.
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