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One thing I still donīt understand - when they seem now to be able to beam peope right across the galaxy (I guess Earth-Kronos is pretty far away), why do they need starships at all? Will the future of Star Trek be like Stargate, hopping from one planet to the next?
I had really hoped that this transwarp beaming nonsense from the first movie would never come up again, but there you go ... beaming from Starfleet HQ directly to Kronos ... has there ever been anything more facepalmworthy in Star Trek?

I know I come across as if I didn't like the movie. Well, I did like it ... but those little things are kind of ruining it for me. The Klingon "D4" ship was another one.
In the "prime" universe, starfleet did not yet have the technology to beam people over great distances, but it was canonically shown in "Assignment: Earth" when Gary Seven is beamed from an extreme distance. It wasn't that it couldn't be done, it just couldn't be done by Starfleet, a problem which Montgomery Scott evidently later found a solution to.

Just sayin'
They say in the movie that "his" formula was taken, wiped clean and he was ordered never to use it again probably cause of temporal prime directive. Presumably, Section 31 got their hands on it - we saw in DS9 they could do it - which is why Khan does what he does.
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