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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Further, what if someone told you (hypothetically) that selling these standalone discs (BOBW, Redemption, possibly Unification, Chain of Command, etc.) more or less helped bankroll and greenlight a full HD DS9, all seven seasons (even the CG VFX) filled to the brim with all new VAM... and that a similar tactic with DS9 helped bankroll VOY. Would that change your opinion?
I want TNG on Blu-ray because I want TNG on Blu-ray, not because buying it will lead to hypothetical releases down the road. Plus, I simply don't believe other series HD makeovers rely solely on how well TNG sells. I think actual cost, likely revenue sources beyond the Blu-ray (syndication, streaming) and even the sales performance of Enterprise (which I haven't bought and have no intention of buying) will factor as much into any decisions regarding the other two series.
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