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Given the "bromance" part of the story and Spock still dealing with his emotions and the loss of his mother and Vulcan, Spock's primal shout of, "Khaaaaan!" is far more appropriate than Kirk's was in TWOK. It's the straw that broke the camel's back. First his mom and Vulcan, and now Kirk? No wonder he goes on a tirade.

The thing that's too bad is so many folks only think of, "Khaaaaaaaan," as some sort of joke. It almost always gets snickers, now. More people probably remember Costanza yelling it on "Seinfeld" than remember it from TWOK.

To me, Spock yelling it seems like it would be one of the most emotionally poignant parts of the movie. It doesn't deserve comparison to the cheesy version, even if the writers invited it. There's far more gravitas this time. It's sincere. It conveys true pain and loathing.
yeah, like I said in my original post about it - once I could ignore my brain going 'THIS IS DIRECTLY FROM WOK AND SHATNER AND KHAAAAAN' I honestly felt like ZQ, and the movie, sold it. (particularly, like you said, because they'd built up his trouble with loss stemming from vulcan, and his family, and not wanting to experience that again). But because it was such a blatant re-creation of that specific scene, it was difficult for me to NOT think about it :/ I got there eventually though, sort of, and it's why I want to go see it again- to try and force myself, now that I know what to expect, to NOT compare it to WoK

Kirk's KHAAAAN in TWOK made no sense. he knew he was just buying time for Spock to repair the enterprise and beam them out in 2 hours. Was that just theatrics to fool khan into thinking he didnt have that ace up his sleave?
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