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Re: Ryan Reynolds Not Interested in Returning as Green Lantern Right N

Because he isn't shit.

The bar has been soooooooooo lowered.

JJ does great work.

Green Lantern was a complete clusterfuck made by incompetent morons.

Because of movies like Green Lantern it's turned a fair producer like JJ into a fantastic producer.

Who made Green Lantern?

Martin Campbell?


The only other thing he's done of note is some shitty Bond films and Zorro.

Zorro are equally also the worst movie ever made.

A friend came over a month back, she's a little retarded, thinks there's this bearded prig in the clouds granting wishes, but I say that I have over 12 thousand movies, that I have everything which she could ever want... She says she wants Zorro. I frown and admit that after 6 years of entrenched piracy that I do not have the Zorro movies because they're shit. Sure, I felt like less of a man because I couldn't pleasure her when she was challenging me, but what she wanted me to do, admit that I had, or to actually "own" The Mask of Zorro as part of my collection is despicably perverse and churlishly unnatural.

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