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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Ollies five years of training are just no match for Merlyns lifetime of experience.
A big thanks to Ollie and Laurel for leaving the curtains open as I live right across the street, ummm, I mean poor Tommy who would want to see that.
I loved the fake abduction to have Moira reveal all about the plan in the glades.
Felicity needs to stay in the Arrow Cave, having her bounce around on missions with the guys is really starting to annoy me.
Who legs were those when Fryers was on the Phone? Moira? Merlyns wife?
The plan on the island really isnt very smart. They could at most shoot down one or two planes before they are rerouted and someones navy finds the island and takes out the launcher with some type of missle. They couldnt shoot down enough to shake up Chinas economy even with the threat of it being an inside job. Just not well thought out.
Now to see how Ollie escapes next week, cant wait.
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