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Re: Exactly how long do Cardassians live?

Don't forget that most humanoids in the ST universe owe their existance to the "first ones" from the TNG episode "The Chase". There are two issues here, average life span and maximum life span. Average life span has gone up greatly due to medical advancements, mostly disease eradication eliminating many childhood deaths. Maximum life span has gone up some but is a harder goalpost to move. I figure that in the ST universe even more people are reaching the maximum and doing so in good shape like Elias Vaughn, but the maximum hasn't changed all that much. Some people even now with "primitive" 21th century medicine can live to 120. By DS9 time, that's been pushed to 140ish for humans. I remember one novel where McCoy said he "held the record". Cardassians may live somewhat longer, like Vulcans but the same kind of curve doubtless applies to them.
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