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The major difference I noticed was a new impulse drive on the back off the saucer. There are probably other changes that aren't that noticeable.
Thank you. As I'm growing to actually like the design (took me 4 years) I'm quite interested in seeing the changes.

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Therin I was convinced while watching the movie today that the trader ship was said to belong to the Trabe.
No, they called it the "trader ship", but I'm sure I heard "K'normian" used both viewings.
Were the Trabe not those who for centuries have enslaved Kazon?

As for K'normian origin - I'd have to look up who these are, but am pretty sure a lot of the instruments in the cockpit of that ship is rather of the older starfleet type. Most of it was seen in '09 on Kelvin/KM test/shuttles and the official ST game shows a lot of it in the Enterprise and starbase interiors. Well, just an observation - probably laziness on part of the prop/set design, not something that will ruin the movie for me once I finally get to see it

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