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donners22 wrote: View Post
The bald guy from the bridge needs to be in the next film!
Science Officer 0718, played by Joseph Gatt.

teacake wrote: View Post
AND the bald lady!! I want to know more about her.
The upcoming novelization may yet name her. I assume she's a Deltan, with TOS Khan's swarthy Indian complexion, something Ilia didn't have in ST:TMP, despite Persis Khambatta being from... India.

I had forgotten to mention, until tonight's viewing reminded me, that both the trader ship (introduced in IDW's "Countdown to Darkness" as Mudd's daughter's captured vessel) and the equipment that Kirk takes to Kronos, seem to be identified as of K'normian origin? Did I hear incorrectly, or is this a namedrop to one of the background races from TMP?

Loved that Carol uses her mother's surname, Wallace! An early proposal for ST II was intended to use Dr Janet Wallace (from "The Deadly Years") as the mother of David.

Also loved that Carol is friends with Christine Chapel, and that Kirk and Chapel had a fling (which Chapel remembers better than Kirk). Isn't the Carol/Christine friendship a feature of the bonus material in the ST III novelization?
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