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Went to the midnight showing last night, got a free poster which was a nice bonus. I'm sure if you're reading this thread you don't really care about spoilers, but just in case here's a warning.


I really enjoyed it, although I felt it was a tad too predictable. The action and humour were great, Pine has really captured the essence of Kirk although I'm not sure Quinto has the same gravitas that Nimoy has. Cumberbatch was awesome, the way he delivered his lines was chilling and I easily bought him as Khan. But Khan, well, given all the secrecy surrounding the identity of John Harrison the reveal was rather anticlimactic.

I did love the head-crushing thing he did. While I liked all the references to Trek I thought at point it got a bit too self-referential. It was a nice twist having Spock yell Khan, but I'd rather the writers come up with their own lines and moments of emotional importance rather than cribbing them from previous movies.

I thought the resolution was quite swift, and I'm surprised they didn't have Kirk maroon Khan and his followers on Ceti Alpha V.

I did like the theme of Kirk learning about humility and responsibility and moving closer to becoming the captain he's destined to be. Also liked the beginning of the five year mission and the voiceover at the end.

Overall the only major disappointment I had is that it ended. Two hours of Star Trek every three years is just not enough!
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